I Started a Blog

Which started the whole world laughing.  Or crying, maybe.  More likely time will reveal that no one noticed.


Vintage Valentine Quilt

If you know anything about me, you must know I’ve been an Instagram addict for several years. Several beautiful years in which I sewed every day and made loads of nice friends from all parts of the United States and even a few around the world.  But this month I went back to work and I can’t have Instagram sucking up my off-time.  I also don’t want to patronize Facebook in any way.  So goodbye Instagram and hello blog.  If you’re inclined to follow along and maybe even chat with me about things, please do.

Tennjenny will be mostly about quilting and sewing.  I’ve never shared much about family or politics and don’t plan to (though there is sometimes temptation).  I have absolutely no idea how this blog stuff works, though, so things could look rough for a while.

The scrap quilt shown above is my Vintage Valentine quilt.  It’s an old tutorial by Green Bee Patterns, and my friend and longarm wizard Jill Zollinger did the gorgeous free-hand feathers.  It feels somewhat appropriative to feature her beautiful quilting on my first post, but this is one of my favorites.

5 thoughts on “I Started a Blog

  1. Jenny Rekeweg says:

    Love that Quilt… and I’m not sure I love that song… but I giggled when I read the first blog post so that’s gotta keep people coming back


  2. Lauren says:

    Glad we didn’t lose you forever! I know what you mean about Facebook, I stopped using mine a little over a year ago. I miss Flickr, but mist everyone left that, too.

    I love that quilt, it’s GORGEOUS!


  3. Kelly Spell says:

    I love that you started a blog! Maybe this will be the kick in the pants I need to finally start my own, then we can be blog buddies. Although there is a distinct lack of emojis here 😉


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