I’m often asked if I miss Instagram. The answer is that I do and I don’t. I just elaborated at length about what I don’t miss, and then I erased it because I think I’d just be part of the problem, right? 😂

a gift from Emily

I miss chatting with my friends — sharing my day and reading about yours. I miss having fun and laughing and being silly. Quick back and forth exchanges.

Yesterday I received a note from the dentist’s preprinted specialty pad that let me know the kids had gotten a “Flouride” treatment. Today my husband got his first (last) Stitch Fix box and they sent a Canadian tuxedo. Stuff like that you can’t blog, it’s all lost in the wrong format.

I did not make this

So yeah, this is not Instagram and I miss you. Even though there are things I don’t miss hearing about (still not going to go into that), I always liked seeing how high the snow measures on your quilting ruler, or whether you won thread chicken, or what pile of fabric your cat is lounging on today. Really I did. I called you my friends because I considered us friends (even if some of you weren’t wise to our friendship).

a gift from Jenny

Unfortunately, my inability to be moderate has stuck me with this blog instead, and it’s now my only outlet to show you the beautiful things I have received from those of you who for whatever reason not only acknowledge our friendship but celebrate it by sending me nice things ❤️

That gorgeous cork and Rifle bag above is from Emily. It’s all my favorite colors, it matches my pale pink purse exactly, it holds as much as Mary Poppins’s bag, I love it, and I carry it all the time. She sent it to me ages ago and you know that I’ve thanked her personally; it’s just that I have been remiss in showing you.

I didn’t make this either

This amazing thing is from Jenny. I basically want to be Jenny as a quilter, so I was pretty excited to receive this. It is reserved enough (in its fabulosity) to go in my office, I think, so I have been saving it for when I finally move in. In the meantime I just look at that spot where the dark brown tiny gingham meets the black mid-size gingham, and I giggle at the audacity. It’s my favorite of all my favorite parts of this quilt.

a gift from Michelle

Thanks to those of you who’ve checked up on me by email and even by snail mail. I received a cheerful, encouraging card from Sandy, and I’m ashamed to say I had my head stuck so far down in the sand that it took an obscene amount of time to respond.

Today the mailman brought me a big box from Michelle 😳 It seems she took a sorry old pouch off my hands a while back and wanted to make me something in return. One: She already did me a favor by taking the pouch. Two: This is an exchange?? A darling, absolutely perfectly executed Modern Hexie pillow in my favorite fabrics? I know exactly where it has to live: on the Denyse shelf with my Chicopee teddy bear and Picnic & Fairground Scottie dog. What a lovely and fun surprise.

Maybe someday I can come back and have fun again. All seven of you who see this post should please extend my best wishes to everyone else 😄 Until next time . . . .

3 thoughts on “#quiltyfriendsarethebest

  1. Lauren says:

    All beautiful things! IG just isn’t the same without you. I find that I watch more Cat Shaming videos and slime videos (I don’t even know how THAT started…) than I do look at quilt/sewing pictures… and I’ve not had a minute to sew in months. Miss you.


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