Noodlehead Trail Tote

I shouldn’t post this item, because it hasn’t yet made its way to the recipient, but I’m trying (and failing) to format the blog, and apparently I need to add some content first.

This bag began back in October, when my guild friend E.A. asked for a Noodlehead Trail Tote as a Quilty Wish on Instagram.  She wanted me to use her fabric, but we couldn’t connect until (I think) January.  It took me an embarrassingly long while to do it, and now we’re having connection problems again, so surely she is wishing perhaps someone else had answered the call last October; but in any event, here it is.


Excuse my dusty chair and dirty floor

Anna is one of my very favorite bag and doodad pattern designers, but somehow I hadn’t made a Trail Tote yet.  It was easy and fun, and a few other guild friends are now sewing along with me to make another.